Shadowless headlamp

is world's №1 headlamp

  • Wireless, light-weight, robust
  • Patented dual light sources
  • Light intensity is up to 100.000 lux
  • Easy adjustable brightness
  • Automatic on/off switch
  • Optional loupes and customizable binoculars
  • Optional HD Digital Camera

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Unique shadowless

World's №1

in South Korea

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on the Japanese market

As a physician, I dedicated over 12 years to patients' care. But my second major is engineering. My profound knowledge in the mechanical engineering and medical experience led me to create a solution which is recognized today and became a helpful tool for tens of thousands of doctors around the world. Considering comfort and functionality in the priority and I took it as a basis. That's how first shadowless and wireless headlamp with wide rage of options saw the world. This headlamp has no analogues. I sincerely hope that our product will give you excellent support in your practice. Thank you.

Your colleague, Gitchun Kim


Wireless technology

The construction has no wires, that gives you freedom degrees so you can focus on work and results.


Free Face

Brand technology: Dr.Kim headlamp can stay on your head through the procedure time. If you don't need it you can just flip up the front part and push down any time.



There are 5 configurations that help to set comfort for everybody.


Proper posture

Your back will get immediate relief. No need to lean as before thanks to adjustable angle of the headlamp and optics.

Weight and

Weight and durability

Product's minimal weight is 96 g due to use of polycarbonate and ABS plastic. It has perfect balance between weight and durability.


Two-point fixation

Due to convenient klammern fixation (forehead-occiput) headlamp is not noticable on head. Open temporal area adds comfort to your work.

Multi usage

Multi usage

You can use Dr.Kim Headlamp independently or with other individual optics, they will not interfere with each other.


Fix&Go system

You can quickly change optical modules or camera due to patented system Fix&Go.


Cooling elements

Headlamp battery housing has ventilation holes to cool the LEDs radiators and the control unit. So that gives cooling effect and increases LEDs resource.

We offer you our products

  • Headlamps
  • Loupes
  • HD Camera
  • Using headlamp with shadowless effect significantly reduces eye strain and efficiently illuminates your working area. Headlamp's light is proper white and has no shade. All this allows you to raise your comfort level and enhance your work potential by bringing it to higher quality standart. In addition, Dr.Kim equipment raises the status of the doctor in the eyes of the patient by offering different level of control over work quality.


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  • You can easily adjust binocular loupes on the Dr.Kim headlamp: this is another reason of purchasing and using Dr. Kim solutions. Loupe is safely and correctly attaches to headlamp front part of any model (removing the loupes is also easy). Regardless of whether you wear glasses or not. Binocular loupes significantly reduc the eye strainand improve the quality of your work.


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  • The DK-CAM camera allows you to watch the whole operating process "through the eyes of a surgeon" and broadcast it in real time. The camera is being fixed on the DKH-50 headlamp and connected by USB cable to tablet PC, notebook, or monoblock.

    The autofocus function quickly sets up the camera at any convenient working distance and the foot pedal will help to fix the focus manually. The "Quick photo" option will save all important moments and video option allows you to record entire operation.

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Headlamp kit includes:


rechargable batteries


LED color filters

A charger


Carton case

Unique features of the products
9 advanced technologies

Two LED light sources
create shadowless effect

(At the picture) Example of conventional single beam and versus Dr.Kim Headlamp dual LED lights that gives you clear well illuminated work area.

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Exceptional light power up to 100.000 lux

Smooth light adjustment and scattered contour ease your work reducing eye strain.

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Wireless technology

The construction has no wires, that gives you freedom degrees. Patented ergonomic C-band ensures comfortable fit and lightness.

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Continuous operation

Due to two replaceble eco batteries you can work up to 12 hours without health harm.

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Light and durable

"Dr.Kim" is the most light-weight and durable headlamp on the market due to use of polycarbonate and ABS plastic. You can even forget that you work with headlamp.

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Automatic on/off switch

To turn the light on you can simply push it down. To turn off flip it up till you hear significant click sound.

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Replaceable individual optics

Loupes are easy to remove. Simply flip up the front part and and take it off.

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Multifocus loupes

Provide 2.0-2.5x magnification. You can easily adjust focus length for each eye (from 20 to 70 cm)

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Full HD Camera with autofocus

Allows you to stream video from first person ("through surgeon's eyes").

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Technical features
of Dr.Kim Headlamps

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We will provide any model you like right into your office and you can check how it works until the next day.

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Experience of our Dr.Kim Headlamp customers

Now I can see my working field perfectly clear. Headlamp fits comfortably on my head.Light is so bright so I usually use half of it's intensity.

Dr. Michael MarukovDentist, Orthopedic surgeon, Implantologist

Dr.Kim Headlamp is one of the better inventions that come across and I certainly highly recommend it!

Dr. Maurice SalamaDentist, Orthodontist, Periodontist, Implantologist and educator

About camera's "Live surgery" format

Thanks to the Dr.Kim Company and their engineers that quickly responded to our request now we use this shadowless headlamp with opportunity to connect the Dr.Kim camera. We can record and stream the operation process to students auditoriums.

Ruben Khachatryan maxillofacial surgeon, implant specialist, the candidate of Medical Sciences, international lecturer, IDC Skolkovo (Armenia, Belgium, Russia)

Dr-Kim Co. European Branch

Prague, Nam. Svatopluka Cecha 1357/9

+420 228-885-731


All your confidential data
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without modules

with DKT loupes

with DKL-5 lenses

DKH-50 Headlamp

DKH-50 is newest version of the innovative headlamp. It has powerful light up to 100.000 lux that gives you maximum possibilities. This model has as no analogues in the world.


  • Brightness - up to 100.000 lux
  • Time of continuous work up to 12 hours
  • Mount type - C-ERGO
  • LED light source - white/warm
  • Stepless brightness control
  • Weight - 104 g

without modules

with DKT loupes

with DKL-5 lenses

DKH-40 Headlamp

DKH-40 — classic version of the headlamp. Three-step brightness option. The helmet's reliable construction gives you confident fixation.


  • Brightness - up to 50.000 lux
  • Time of continuous work up to 5 hours
  • Mount type - helmet
  • LED light source - white/warm
  • 3-step brightness option
  • Weight - 105 g

with DKT loupes

with DKL-5 lenses

DKH-30 Headlamp

DKH-30 is a diagnostic version of the headlamp. Simple, economic, functional.


  • Brightness - up to 30.000 lux
  • Time of continuous work up to 5 hours
  • Mount type - headband
  • LED light source - white/warm
  • Fixed brightness
  • Weight - 96 g

DK-CAM Camera

Perfect for educational seminars, workshops and reports with recorded media from operations.


  • The camera lens is made of high quality bleached glass with achromaticum coating
  • Camera weight is less than 10 g
  • High quality picture
  • Convenient and simple fixing
  • Ability to stream operating process on-line or to document clinical manipulations for your archive

DKL – magnification lenses

Basic lens for all types of work

  • Magnification – 1.5x-2.3x
  • Working distance – 5-100 cm
  • -Size of the working field up to 45 cm
  • Weight – 13 g

Binocular loupes DKT

professional optics for precised work

  • Magnification – 2.5x/3x/3.5x
  • Working distance 20-100 cm (multifocus)
  • Size of the working field up to 15 cm
  • Weight 19 g